Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cassie & miranda show

not really. we made a video last night (my sister and i) for my friend jeff.
and we didnt have anything great to say. we were pretty bored. and ... well here it is

we laugh at our own jokes.
we might make another one sometime this week.
its pretty fun


stephanie said...

how did you make that flower? You should make me one and send it to me! lets start our letters again! I love mail!

stephanie said...

Me and my sister are like that we laugh at the most weirdest things and make up our own jokes and words,
sometimes its kinda scary that we say the same thing at the same time that are completely random... its obvious we are sisters.

Jenna said...

I laugh everytime I see this. HAhahahaha especially when you say you'd be pissed if she really looked like that. That is SO funny, I died when I first saw it.

ryan manning said...

i wish to see this video