Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines day

woke up to a valentines day snuggle from my cat.
spent a good portion of my morning on the phone with sam, googling "puppies"... cooing and oohing over the soft fluffy cuteness of all that is puppy. explained to him how much i want an afghan hound.
tonight i won at Bunco. $20!
really tired , this weekend was strange.

tomorrow even tho it is a holiday for everyone else, i start my school work! pretty excited to get into that. sorta 'nervous' i suppose because i haven't done any school work for a couple months. i hope i can keep myself on top of things and get it completed.
here are some photos i took on Saturday :

cassie, the afghan hound. i wanted to keep her.
we have the same name... fate.

i forget his name.. i wanted to keep him too.

the statue got valentines'd

the pathway got valentines'd

the most wonderful kaleidoscope :

me.... in the mirror blinds.


Jordan Hollenbeck said...

Very beautiful work

daisychain said...

I woke to kitty cuddles too.

Beautiful photos x

Ginger said...

No way you play bunco?

Melly Mel said...

hahaha :) you are so cute. I love that line, "i spent the rest of my day googling puppies"

Natalie said...

mirror blinds?!?!?!?!?! where IS THIS?!