Friday, February 12, 2010


my books & school work arrived from India the other day - delivered to me in this WONDERFUL package. wrapped in cloth, sewn together, & stamped with wax. & the diamond stitching ... so special, just for a note for customs. Can't wait to complete it all.

My old good friend Amanda and i are driving to Utah on March 4... and leaving march 9th. I'm excited and i can't wait to see my friends. I'm going to be in Jake Garns workshop on the 6th :

really excited to be a part of that...

tomorrow i'm going to a Footbath Party... hippie themed. I'm bringing my camera to take photos .. i'll explain everything when i post the photos so you wont all be confused. Then sunday (valentines day.. ugh) my parents are having a couples Bunco party ... i invited my friend gabe to play with me. & my friend Amanda. i need one more person. we'll see. I hope i win the $$ ... heh

This past week i've been really sad & unhappy but on TUESDAY things picked up and now i'm winning at life and everything is happy again. I have my best friend back and i'm pleased. for the time being... cross your fingers it STAYS good.
i really miss the summer time and the beach and the warm sun to warm my soul. I need a vacation an island... maybe spring break i'll break away and live a little. I dont know, i just need to go FAR and clear my head and recharge and get ready for work to pick up again. I've been so dormant from everything for too long... it takes a toll. Never stop livin ... never stop moving and thinkin and doin. trust me


David said...

such a cool looking package!

footbath party? sounds awesome.

gabriela.bhaskar said...

re-birth in the spring...i like it :)

daisychain said...

what an amazing looking parcel.