Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my friend michelle reminded me about this today:

i am interested in going. however the likeliness of it... low. oh well. at least its only 2/3 hours away so i can go on my own time. i am craving scotland . I NEED TO GET AWAY .

i'm also craving hawaii. im thinking of going sometime during summer.

which reminds me,
the bathing suit i want to get:

i really want some salmon this week. and some sticky rice with seaweed flakes on it.
and some chinese food. the least i can do for the lunar new year right? its the year of the tiger ... sam is a tiger. he said its the coolest animal on the chart. whatever, he clearly didn't see the DRAGON. which is what i am. the dragon is the coolest one on there. how silly to think otherwise.


Jenna said...

Cass this is my favorite song by The Shins EVER. New Slang :) And Caring is Creepy and The Past and Pending and so on and so on. I love the shins. And GRATEFUL DEAD! Ah great playlist. I am excited about our swimming suits. And also I love you. 2 weeksish!

Jen said...

that is such a gorgeous bathing suit, definitely get it. the contrast of the patterns is amazing. :)
and i do agree...the dragon > the tigerr. haha

ryan manning said...


daisychain said...

well damn
now I want salmon.