Monday, February 8, 2010

BOOKS ! book club anyone?

i've got nothing clever to write about just yet . i have so many contents in my room you guys. everyone that comes in that hasn't been in it before instantly starts to look around and poke around and look at everything in detail. i forget how much stuff i have. i'm not gonna lie , i've got a knack for finding amazing things. and for arranging things in a cool manner.

i found a really cook book at the thrift store a while ago. forgot to mention it. i walked into the book section - which i never do because its pretty hard to find a good book in there. but this one was bright red and calling my name. so i walked over picked it up opened it to one page, understood it, purchased it. and this is what it is:

ZOOM by istvan banyi

see why i bought it? pure delight. i love picture books. selective ones. & children's stories. & coffee table books. oh and novels. some of my favorites you ask? i'd love to share:

stamp of fantasy - quite possibly the most random postcards i've ever seen. i hope i can receive some incredibly random postcards from people one day. one of my wishes.
banksy- wall & piece - my friend charlie got this for me for our Christmas book exchange. he totally gets me & knows exactly what i like.
in my mind's eye - by my good friend Jedd Carby (i'm also featured in this book! i didn't even know until after i bought it and read it! go purchase one... so so so talented)
gnomes - my old room mate in Utah and i found this when we went into a shop called Abode together... we both saw it.. we both wanted it.. so we both bought it together. however i was the one who ended up keeping it when we parted ways. i win!
all i need to know i learned from my cat - those who know me... DUH! i love my cat Anouk more than anyone or anything ever to grace the earth.
little people in the city: the street art of Slinkachu - this is the most clever idea. i plan on going to London and locating at least one of these little people. he is genius and i LOVE his book.
how we die - awesomeness. i admit it is something that most people don't like to think about but i LOVE this sort of thing.
the Guernsey literary and the potato peel society - brilliant book. absolutely adored it. in fact i'll need to read it again sometime soon.
water for elephants - didn't think i was going to love it as much as i did. but i do. read it.
OUTLANDER - okay everyone. this is an intense novel, filled to the brim with Scottish history, epic scenes, very romantic on goings and well ... perfect in every way. i'm not usually into romantic novels and all that blabber but oh my god. this book seriously made me believe i was the main character. and sometimes i got mixed up and thought that the main man character was actual my husband. i don't even have a husband. its that serious. read it . i'm on the 2nd book now (dragon fly in amber). don't mind that the first book is 800 pages. it isn't even enough. i wasn't ready for it to end. not joking around here guys.

my gosh. i love literature. but that's enough for tonight. i will give you more good books later. maybe tomorrow i will tell you about my favorite children's books that i will never get rid of.
i need another bookshelf. mine is full up .


daisychain said...

Oh I shall be checking these out, thanks x

Jen said...

books! this is such a great list. i'll have to check a few of these out :)

Cantaloupeisland said...

What an exceptional and eclectic list of books! You have stellar taste in yet another facet of life Cassie.

That Minds eye book sounds good....

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

thank you for your sweet comment ;) I am not a are too nice! xoxo