Thursday, February 25, 2010


so last night i went up to tahoe to meet my friend amandas friends who are from sweden. they save up all summer just to come live in South Lake Tahoe and snowboard & ski. isn't that amazing? they LIVE to do this. they were in japan first, then they came to South Lake, and i guess they come every year. its amazing to me.. that people from all over the world come to ride in the snow HERE. in my backyard. i love it. these boys were soo nice. I cooked dinner for them, and it was their first home cooked meal since they've been to America. they loved it. I am going to have them all down for dinner at some point , when i get back from utah.
Which by the way... funny story ... i am going to Utah next week with amanda and the swedish boys are coming too! we didnt even plan that, but they've heard that utah has great snow. one of the boys said "on the thing on the cars with the numbers .. says 'greatest snow on earth'!" so they really want to check utah out! and they didnt have a place to stay, but now they do!
i love meeting new people and making new friends. these boys were so nice and friendly. i'm really glad i got to meet them. plus their language is amazing.

here are some random photos i took. the other boys took photos on their cameras too, so i'll get those later.

christoffer said "oh i look sad" and then he said "i look like that disney movie.. a mermaid. a sad mermaid"

håkan & ossian hugging... they haven't seen håkan for a long time & he just showed up!

viktor groovin to some tunes

simon, christoffer, julian and pelle... they are so funny

me & simon. the ceiling slants

redneck swedish


this is sam from Newzeland - he is traveling all over the world before he goes back home. so amazing and EXACTLY what i want to do. he's very nice.


Ginger said...

Lane would probably love to meet them. He is 50% Swedish and he speaks the language pretty fluently. Oh but he won't be here. Lame.

Jenna said...

I want to meet them! How fun, I wish I could travel all over the world. Just drop everything i'm doing right now and go. Lets do it....I wish.

Karobaro said...

Looks fun!!
Have a nice weekend!

chanelle said...

July or August would be an awesome time. and that would be good so that the little bean is a little bigger. it'll be awesome. and we'd most likely find new things together because i myself haven't explored this whole island yet, or even gone to the complete opposite side called Hana. if you google Hana, Maui - you'll get even more excited. it will be amazing!

Nathan Zav said...

Way rad, you should circumnavigate :) and take me with you

Melly Mel said...

these people look rad and fun to hang out with. we should go to sweden together!

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