Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lonely together

facebook: i deactivated mine today .
guess that makes me a loser. and a loner. - even more so i suppose.

hopefully some people will come and say hi on my blog more often. email me more often. text me more. call me more. write me letters more. HANG out more. telegrams. singing messages. who knows. get clever.

today was a sad day. i lost my amber ring.
i never take my rings off
and i took my bosses daughters to dance class. so i was in a new place
i was doing homework. i can't remember if i had it on then.
i went to the bathroom, washed my hands left. noticed the ring was gone
went back in the bathroom, actually went thru the garbage hoping it came off when i dried my hands. no luck
looked in the toilet. its one of those public ones you know... power kind. so if it did fall in there it got swept away for sure.

if it had been in there tho
know that i would have stuck my hand in there to get it, no questions asked.
thats how serious this is.

tomorrow i will look at my house. just to make sure its not around.
i have a feeling it gone.
i cried already.

tomorrow i will go to the shop i got it at and tell him my story
hopefully i can get a new one. he was great to me last time i came to him
with my first amber ring that broke. (sigh)

that is the only photo i have of it. see on my pointer finger? ... beauty. i miss it so bad. i feel naked and weird with out it. gosh i'm gonna cry again

this is my song of the week. it was happy earlier.
now its sad and makes me upset
that's his fault

pretty sure i'm done forever with him.
is something wrong with me?



Ginger said...

What? I thought you loved Facebook.

David said...

good for you. I tried deleting facebook once. lasted about 15 hours...

sucks.... I hate it. You're right, what ever happened to writing letters or picking up the phone?

David said...

yes so much fun! yet, 95% of all cranberries harvested go toward processed foods. The other 5% sold raw... hmmm

nice, I've never received or written a telegram before. Is kinda expensive though... might have to save for that one.

Cantaloupeisland said...

You left? Just when I was setting up my art page with your stuff one it. :-(
lol, I left a few months back but I guess it didn't take. Hopefully I'll see ya around on flickr or somethin'.

So sad about thet ring Cassie, I hope it turns up, you never know where it might turn up. :-)

Ginger said...

I'll miss you on Facebook. Come back soon.

Melly Mel said...

I love deleting fb. I hope you enjoy your time apart. I will visit you more here.

Paris Gibson said...

Love this music video. Great choice. Miss you. See you soon though although!

WES LARSON said...

that song is the titties. I'm reading your blog, who is the stalker now?

Natalie said...

agh amber! the best!!!! I've never bought one because they are so spendy. beautiful though

Pablo Baxter said...

good point, but i think you should embrace technology. "all you do is write about useless shit you do all day." ;)