Wednesday, May 19, 2010

solar beat

pretty amazing. i love the beat of the solar system /universe. might just be the exact same melody to my very own soul . positive that it is. find your melody and groove to it daily.

so my secret is out .... Mr. X has been reveled.
hard to keep something so great, vast, intricate, fulfilling, happy, loving, special and intense ... all to myself. i know people will judge and question. (as always.) but the only thing that matters is what I know & what HE knows. we know what is what. the thing is, no one really knows. its still a secret to everyone. even tho its now out in the open. don't ask us questions. just watch it unfold.

... but isnt he cuuuuuute?


Talia said...

WOOOOO this is my favorite post yet!! yay lets be friends forever and buy size 11 lime green pumps in ptown for our loversssss

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

great post.

he is cute, hahaha.

michelle said...

that video is pretty sweet.