Sunday, May 16, 2010

big Puffffffffff clouds.

went to the river on Friday... it was so nice. hot sun on my skin. cold river in my hair.
hangin with friends , laughin at funny stuff. finding lizards. searching for that one spot thats perfect to sit by the river. adventures....... summer is so close.

i cant wait for it be here. it means summer love. forever love is what i'm hoping for tho. but it also means warm skin. good times with good friends. long days and nights. smoothies &milkshakes and popsicles .
good beats and grooves to move to . i just cant wait.
it means vacations & get aways. i cant wait for my get away in June..... mmmmmmmmmm.

i just miss it.

last night i stopped by Jackies 80's party.... saw some good fun people. wish i could have stayed the whole time but i was damn tired from working all day and my feet were killin me. i got some funny pictures there anyways tho. super classy ...... red plastic cups with red champagne in them. we made a toast to "being classy". i was dancing the whole time to mJ & pat benatar etc. it was good. i had a scrunchie in my hair. it'll be interesting to see these pictures. oh lordy.

today im going to a car show on main street with Audra & Vanessa. i wanted to go to the river again but i probably wont because today is my sisters 17th birthday ---- weird!!! she's 17?? when the heck did this happen. shes the coolest sister ever, no one else has a cooler sister than i do. hands down no battle. you may think you have a cool sister... but thats just because you havent met mine.
she's a lot like me , but looks completely different than me. shes pretty hilarious too.

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miranda said...

thanks for including me in your super popular blog !