Friday, May 21, 2010

friday night

super lame night .
stayed home due to the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY nothing going on. plus its raining.. so stupid. so i did some yoga, drank two cups of tea (peach ginger & nettle) watched some family guy and then decided it would be in my better interest to pop one of my all time favorite movies in the player & soak up all the gloriousness of none other than : Pulp Fiction.

if you don't like that movie... we can't be friends.
its so rich in awesomeness that i sometimes cant even comprehend. i'm a big fan of Kill Bill & Desperado too. know what i'm sayin? I own the box set of El Mariachi, Desperado & Once Upon a Time in Mexcio.... all good movies i need to re-watch in the near future.

so today i went ahead and sent a post card to : Send me a million postcards
i am going to recommend that YOU do it too. because why not? how much fun would that be? people are so clever and fun and interesting. i love people.

audra & i ... i'm wearin her versace. gotta get me a pair.

tomorrow i'm headin over to the Coloma house for some quality hot-tubbin & wine/champagne drinkin with audra & jackie and whom ever else.. girls only tho. should be fun. we WERE planning on having a river day BUT of course it decided to rain & be ridiculous. so we can't lay out by the pool or chill by the river. hot tub it is ... hot tubs are such a great invention.

well this post has been sufficiently BORING. so i should stop here.


daisychain said...

have an epic weekend x

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You are such a beautiful girl!! Those sunglasses are very cool! xoxoxoxoxo