Sunday, May 23, 2010

yesterday the clouds were SO fluffy and full of character.. i was leaving wyatts apartment and i saw this scene ... tons of power lines in front of all those beautiful clouds and thought it was funky and pretty its in own way. i dont think i've ever mentioned how much i dispise power lines - they give me headaches whenever i am around too many (thats why i prefer mountain living) but this picture just looks COOL to me. this top one is just how it looked to my eyes and then the one right below it is and edited version , whatev.

yesterday i was hangin out with audra & jackie all day . we went down to Folsom and did some shopping.. i am such a boring person. all i got was two tank tops (black & grey) and two leggings (dark grey & light grey) seriously? why do i only buy dark colored clothing? whatever. i tried to find white tops, but they are either see-through or have too much bullshit going on .. like rhinestones or too much lace.. i should just make my own. sheesh. Audra & Jackie are two my oldest best friends... I invited our other best friend Michelle to come but she is such a busy bee these days its hard for all of us to get together... oh the struggles of getting older right?

i got a sweet letter from my soul sister Nell yesterday

it says "not all who wander are lost"

and she drew ME! isnt it amazing? i love it.

yesterday it was warm but breezy... then at night it SNOWED. what the heck?! california... so ridiculous. now today is clear and chilly. oooh the world is a crazy place.


miranda said...

i like how you tagged this blog post with "virginia" and "zpie" when you didn't mention either.

Becca. said...

the drawing of you is so pretty!


Melly Mel said...

it snowed?!!! weird!