Tuesday, May 25, 2010

monday night felt like saturday night

went out last night with audra& vanessa. got a realllllly yummy beer. Grimbergen . twas great and i wanted another one. they served it to me in a wine glass tho... kinda bugged me. but Mitch said that's what they do sometimes? i felt like i got less than what i paid for haha.
buuuuut then we went to BJs brewery and got drinks and dessert there... i got two absolutely amazing Pina Chocoladas .... holy crap. i wanted to get maybe 5 . but only got 2. because they are damn expensive. we had fun tho. but now im all thrown off cause i feel like its sunday.
but its Tuesday.
and i have to work both of my jobs today.
and then tomorrow morning my plane for Virginia leaves at 6:30/ ahh! won't be back til Sunday. then i'll have a week & a couple days before i leave for Utah... damn

here's me in my new leopard sunglasses. i love them a lot.

and this ... this is THE funniest photograph i've ever seen. i cant stop laughing at it.


sweetevis said...

pretty picture on the top. funny one on the bottom hahahaha :)

cellulite cream said...

Funny picture indeed... especially the facial expression. LOL!