Thursday, May 6, 2010

cinco de whaaat

tom had some blood on his cheek and so i asked him where it came from and he replied:
"it was from the eagle that just ran into me"

i told everyone about it because it was so funny. i need to write a book still.
so many people have told me to write a book. but i never know what i'd even include in the book. so i figure i'd just make it a book about anything and everything.

funny stuff. advice. thoughts. questions. i think it could be a hit.
and toms quotes will be featured. i think its only necessary.

last night was cinco de mayo -- it was soooo fun. got to see a lot of people i havent seen in a while and got to meet some new faces as well . i am lucky to be surrounded by great, fun, positive people.

sombrero time!!

we had a pull up contest ... the top 3 winners received exotic fruit.
i sadly, only did one pull up. but Akira won, he did over 20 i think...!

so much fun. such fantastic people. can't wait to get prints of these for a photo album. love!


Jenna said...

Look at you so high up there on your pull up!!! haha, this post is fun.

moonshinejunkyard said...

it was good hanging out with you and i love catching up on your blog. you are seriously a talented photographer and i like how your attitude is kind of like, hey, no big thing...just casual and fun about it. so fun last night!

michelle said...

I like that cat picture