Thursday, June 3, 2010

can you hear the stars sing?

why is it that people with small minds have such big mouths?

its been such a lovely couple of days. warm enough to wear shorts and a tanktop & sandals... my most favorite attire. (after bathing suits or clad) i love to feel as much air and warmth on as much of my skin as possible. thats why im a summer girl. a beach bum... a river rat... whatever you can come up with. the sun recharges my spirits and lifts my soul. i cant wait until it really starts to heat up around here...
i head to utah in exactly ONE week. holy yes !! i am so excited. i hope i'm ready and i dont forget anything. i hate forgetting stuff.
i could really go for a tube top or a strapless dress right about now.
i want this one : strapless dress

i think i might switch back to using shampoo & conditioner... because my hair seems to be having a hard time. its so thin and long that it just gets tangled SO easy. i sort of look like a bum ... haha. maybe i'll do every other day or something.

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Ginger said...

I'm so happy that it is summer and that you are coming to visit!!!!!!!