Friday, June 18, 2010

this n That

* belly dancing classes on wednesdays... woo!
* to MOVE with my honey!
* kayaking
* england v algeria etc etc etc
* prints
* for my surgery to be over
* fruit salad
* travels
* my hair needs a trim
* i wish i had a futon outside to sleep on
* i guess i'll just lay a quilt out on the grass
* paint my nails the color "Muberry Street"

* thomas likes to take photos with me
then look at them after & try different things.
hes so funny.

the trunk of my car contains:
- camping chair
- blanket
- pullover
- cloth backpack
- random pillow
- straw beach hat
- towel

all will stay in there for the duration of the summer. but now i need my sleeping bag


jade said...

tjhat picture below of you and your boyfriend is the cutest thang i ever seen.. awwwww. i'm glad you are so happy. cause you didnt seem very happy before!. cassssie, and the main reason i came on here was cause you asked me to do your makeup for a shoot and im just gonna flat out say i was too nervous cause i dont have all the supplies right now! oh my gosh. can i still do your makeup sometime.. ill be more reliable i promise! haha.

Billie Bullet said...

Surgery? What surgery? What move? back to salt lake?

Billie Bullet said...

What's wrong with yur boooob? I have never met you but I assure you it (and they) are just perfect. hehe. I am in Nashville. Gearing to start training in surgery at Vanderbilt. So nervous. I see you have a lovely boyfriend. You two are adorable and very much in love I take it. He better treat you right or I may have to steal you away. So glad you are moving! Me thinks Utah suits you quite well.