Monday, June 7, 2010

super slacking

i've been such a slacker here in the blog world! sorry!
not like anyone reads my junk anyway. but still.
sooo not much is new....
just packing my bags for a trip to UTAH!
then when i get back from utah next monday i have a busy rest of the month... mayas 21st bday is on friday at her & gabes house , its gonna be so fun. then i have a wedding to shoot on saturday. thennnn on the 25th i have my surgery.

i'm stoked for another year in Tahoe for the 4th of July. last years 4th was super hilarious and crazy ... brooke & i went to tahoe to her friends house on the lake and it was just some wild weird party and we walked out into the lake to watch fireworks. i love & miss my brooke! ah! '
then on july 5th... BRENT COMES HOME! i havent seen him for a year .. i miss the guts out of him.

tomorrow i am going to the lagoon (2nd picture down below) for a swim & tan sesh with audra. jackie would come... but she missed her flight back from florida. haha. i miss jackie. i miss all my friends.

lets get summer started

here are some good photos to get your summer time vibe flowin :

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