Monday, January 3, 2011

24. Change your attitude, but stay natural.

4. Stay focused.

8. As you breathe in, take in and accept all the sadness, pain, and negativity of the whole world, including yourself, and absorb it into your heart. As you breathe out, pour out all your joy and bliss; bless the whole of existence.

9. Understand your attachments, your aversions, and your indifference, and love them all.

15. Don’t worry- there’s nothing real about your confusion.

17. Work with the Five Forces. The Five Forces are: 1.Be intense, be committed. 2. Familiarization – get used to doing and being what you want to do and to be. 3. Cultivate the white seeds, not the black ones. 4. Turn totally away from all your ego trips. 5.Dedicate all the merits of what you do for the benefit of others.

25. Do not discuss defects.

26. Don’t worry about other people.

35. Remember – this is not a competition.

36. Don’t be sneaky.

40. Solve all problems by accepting the bad energy and sending out the good.

47. Focus your body, mind, and spirit on the path.

50. Don’t depend on how the rest of the world is.

56. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

57. Don’t be jealous

58. Don’t expect any applause.