Saturday, January 29, 2011


for real. how could you not love these.
i crave all of these . all the time .

clementines - they are on-the-go snacks.
they even come in their own container.
strawberry ice cream yummmmmm.
i want a fancy looking special dish to eat it out of too
BACON. all the time.
real croissants from a boulangerie ... MMM.
il est tres bon.
n'est-ce pas?
okay really, Costa Vida sweet pork salad.
i want this right now. oooh my gosh.


Chanelle said...

bacon and REAL croissants.... seriously we're soul sisters. i want both of these right now. together. warm. YUM.

Jozef said...

yum. When do you work p.s. I'm always at caputos I want to say Hi sometime.

cassandra noëlla said...

jozef i dont work there anymore! if you kept in contact you'd know that! pff!

Jozef said...

ha ha not my fault! I'm in la la land. run into me sometime.

cult classic said...

bahahah omg i want each of these in front of my face right now!!!