Thursday, January 27, 2011

almost february .. sheesh

its been a while since ive posted a good old fashioned blog. i dont have much to say. been doin school work. going outside in the chilly but clear weather. just gettin by. looking for a job sorta. wishing i had a neat camera to take special effects photos. i'm really glad i sold my nikon. i just want a cheap camera of some sort. simple. mitch's droid broke so now i don't get to have it when he gets his iphone. (mad)

recently just viewed THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH courtesy of meg*clay* ... one of my new favorites. its wonderful. i still need to go to dinner with her. she's a friend. we also just connected the super nintendo and i have been watching mitch play mario land or something. i was laughing so much. "i got greedy" is what he said when he died once trying to get more coins. i couldn't stop laughing at that. i've also been havin a blast playing with our new iPad/
technology !
what is a good valentines day gift? a professional massage? a homemade surprise dinner? i just don't know how valentines day works. because i've never had a valentine before and i've never really ever celebrated this holiday with anyone. truth. i'm 22 and i've never before had a real valentine or even gotten a card or flowers or anything like that. weird. but thats my life and i think its more funny than sad . i'm really cool.

i came across a folder of photos this morning and so i wanted to post some up. i love them. and i can't wait for summer timmmmmmeeee. summerDAZE/ days / ways . love it . its so soon i feel but yet , dang. not really.


Ginger said...

I thought we were a Nikon Family???

Blogger said...

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