Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a cat & a song

forgot to blog .
im going to california on saturday for a minute.
breath some fresh air , see my grandparents
come back recharged.

it sure is cold outside
not that i'd really know since
i havent been outside today
nooo way... looks to chilly.
im watching a school boy kick a big clump
of frozen snow down the street
the simple things in life.

we got new tile in our kitchen and entry way
AND fireplace.
it looks so good
mitch has the pictures
otherwise i'd post one up.

my hair got a nice new dye job
it is now 'OMBRE'
it looks really neat.
i don't have a picture yet.
i'll try to get one to show off

i crave dessert all the time
i want something awesome right now
a waffle with speculoos from my
former place of employment would be superb
but i am not going out today
or some kind of pastry.
croissant. or a scone - which i just had my first one last week.

i wonder when my books will arrive in the mail
i ordered PRINCESS
& the next two books in the series. they are so amazing
i highly recommend them.
they are about real life as a Saudi Princess.
its a true story. its a trip.
read it.
get some knowledge.

i'm a cat person. i love all things CAT. so here is this
really cute and fun picture of a cat.
that i really enjoy.
enjoy yourself now.
and that song below.


miranda said...

haha, I just told cades moms boyfriends son, "my sister dyed her hair 'OMBRE.' and he laughed and said, "I wonder what color is OMBRÉ?" hahaaha he's 11

michelle said...

wild blueberry scones from Panera Bread (im pretty sure those are everywhere) are amazing.