Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so i touched down in sunny california last saturday . it was about 60 degrees. and it was confusing because.. its january. blue clear skies and rays of sunshine? the family working in the garden? people in shorts? flip flops? t-shirts? where are the boots, jackets and jeans? yeah california is WEIRD!

i just miss mitch & payton. in the spring i want to bring them here. they'd love love love it. its so free and open here . hills and forests. secret areas and good eats. its just nice. i need to discover utah more and uncover the cool parts and the good eats and the free areas. i just get so lost there still... haha .

so ive just been takin it easy while bein here. nothing fancy. just catching up on my sleep, saw a couple good pals. loungin around this house. and snuggling my cat anouk .. who loves me still so much. we love each other. anouk sel dean. shes chasing a ping pong ball right now and i just took a picture of her 'stalking it' .. check it out :

i havent taken any pictures really since ive been here. i took some pictures of the cats. cause im a cat lady. today im hanging out with audra and jackie and we are gonna take pictures then. it'll be fun. i think we are going to coloma to explore.
not gonna lie.. i can't wait to back to utah to my little family and sleep in my own bed and hug my mitch. even tho utah isnt so pretty right now its still gonna be soo good to be back. well. see ya/.

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