Friday, March 11, 2011

i smell onion, garlic, oregano & basil cookin in a big pot. it smells unbelievable. and i want my entire house to smell like that when i have company over. so i think anytime i'm expecting someone , i will just throw all that into a pot & simmer it. instant warmth & coziness with in my house . this is what my house will look like, but a lot better. because all of my ideas and things will be put into it :

i really want to travel a little bit. to some neat countries and find some incredible home furnishings and have them shipped back. just imagine how wonderful a thrift store would be in another country. all those antiques from a whole other place and time. something so new and interesting to our eyes. i am just aching to go out into the world with a suitcase and travel around to find peace for my soul and feed my mind with culture. i do of course want to travel with someone. i couldn't do it on my own. (so i hope he comes with me.)

i want to gain knowledge about herbs. i want to learn about miraculous healing methods to add to my growing journal of healing. i want to help others. i want to see things that touch the deepest parts of your mind, soul & heart. i want to be moved -


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