Saturday, March 5, 2011

this n that ......

my car overheated on the freeway. had to pull over and call AAA. then jackie called me and i had her come get me to take me to folsom to get my new computer. (i was on my way there when my car over heated) then i took her to dinner as a thank-you. but i'm really sad about my car. i hope it can be fixed because i have to go back to utah on the 14th. ah. bad timing for my car to FAIL me again. poor thing. mitch is cute tho, hes been lookin on KSL for new audis for me to replace my subaru with. but im not ready to part with my old beast of a subaru. i hope it has another year or two left in it. cross your fingers for me.

so hey, help a girl out will ya? i need to sell my custom earrings cause i need the $$ since my poor car is falling part. so would you be a dear and purchase a pair and perhaps even spread the word for me ? oh thanks!

anyway . today i felt like a carpenter. i had to measure the inside cupboard dimensions of the kitchen sink for linoleum. i felt neat. measuring and writing the measurements and then cutting it and placing it. i felt pretty useful. i could never be a carpenter tho. you'd acquire some pretty bad knee problems.

tomorrow jackie & i might go wine tasting. i think i'd like to try white wines tho. i drink too much red and its all starting to taste the same. tonight i asked jackie "do you remember that time we all went wine tasting for your birthday?" and she went "yeah!" and i said "I don't" haha. yeah for real, i really barely remember it at all tho. so much wine and so many wineries. ridiculous. but a lot of fun, from those vague details i can recall... do they have wineries in Utah?

obviously i'm only writing a blog because i'm on my newly purchased macbook. so it's a lot of fun being on my very first computer that i bought for myself. sorry if this is way boring. mitch & i are way nerds tho. we have 3 computers, an ipad, an iphone & an ipod. we are a mac family. we just keep gettin more too.. ha i love him. i miss him a lot.

i really hope i get the job as a stock brokers assistant. i've already gone out and found some really dressy work clothes. and i'm writing up my new resume and cover letter. im gonna get this thing! send your good vibes my way ! im feelin good about it.

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