Wednesday, March 16, 2011

long luxurious luscious locks

tomorrow, i will no longer have this hair color ... cause i'm goin back to dark brown. too bad i wont be able to get a good picture of it , like i did with this one . so you'll just have to trust me that it looks good. i'm really excited to have my dark hair back. i love my long hair. i wish it was longer tho. sometimes i see pictures of short hair and think i might actually look nice with a chopped 'do. but that will come later in life. i can't ever cut my hair short again. it has to stay super long for always. i should also probably start doing stuff with it. i never do anything. i just let it air dry and thats that. i bet i could do some really pretty stuff with it. stay tuned. i wish i had an iphone.

im craving sushi.


cult classic said...

I've always preferred dark, tho the ombre was cool. You've still never tried a dark auburn brown! I also wish I had an ipon but I'm droid holds I down as its currently my only acces to internet and I to was sushi mostly just nigiri.


TIGER LILY said...

I never do anything with my hair either! It's so long and such a hassle. I'm always craving sushi. Especially right now ugh. And I also want an iPhone sooo bad... mainly so I can play angry birds bc I'm obsessed with that game.

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