Friday, March 18, 2011

i'm on the NAT GEO website!

wanna see my picture? go here:


go to March - Week 2 . my picture is the last one on page 2, of the light painting music clef symbol on the shore of lake tahoe.. you can even see my silhouette when i was drawing it ! love it. and i actually took the picture , not chris. but chris was the "artistic director" behind it.

i'm going to submit another picture i took on that same night.. of the milky way. its probably the most amazing picture i've ever taken ... and probably will ever take.

i'm just so excited that national geographic chose my photo out of all the ones they probably get for the daily dozen! i mean ... how incredible! look at all the other photos there, some are just so beautiful and it pleases me to know that my photography is worthy!

~ ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~~

its snowing so much right now. its up to my shins. OH hey wait wait. i looked outside... and now its not anymore... thank god. i wish it was earlier in the day so that it would melt. cause i don't want the snow. it really inconveniences me... i'm jealous because utah has spring weather.. lucky's.....
anyway, here is one last picture of my blond hair for you all : i call it the "before" picture. and tomorrow i'll take a picture of my new hair when there is daylight. its beautiful. its a dark brownish red. i love it. it makes me feel alive or something. i was feelin so "spicy" because of my red hair that i even painted my nails red. i think i'll call it bell pepper red. i really want a red cardigan now. i used to not like red. but now i really like it. its my color lately i think.


michelle said...

haaa love red. its the only "color" I wear you know other than black, white, and grey. im excited to see your hair.

beautifulurself said...

good luck on your milky way pic, i agree...that photo is damn perfect!! :)