Sunday, March 20, 2011

* cut my finger tip with scissors today . lots of blood & bandages.
* goin on a train ride to utah this week !
* drinking so much tea each day
* busy day tomorrow .. crunch time
* taxes...? ew.....
* what is a good movie i should rent?
* i'm pretty tired of snow
* strawberries
* does anyone read my blog? i get no comments
* i need to work out a lot more
* just saw a commercial saying the new Audi A8 is here... perfect timing! i'll take it !
* i need a new wardrobe
* i wear mostly black, grey & white. sometimes random bursts of color.
* i have carpal tunnel again . in my left wrist
* i'm too tired for this

1 comment:

beautifulurself said...

have you seen the movie waking life? it's interesting!! :]