Sunday, March 6, 2011

playlist right now

these are the songs i've been into the past couple days.
enjoy them as much as i have been ~

i'm going to try to eat LAMB tonight... my least favorite meat. today i have been organizing all my stuff i brought back and downsizing and stuff. its a process. and ive also been helping my mom clean up her house. its a daunting task ... but this week i hope i'll be able to get a couple jobs & make a little bit of money & see some more friends. then on the 14th (if my car permits) i will travel back to utah and get my job & start really heavily on my school work.
i really like my kitten Roux . she is my best friend. she makes me really happy because shes so funny and weird. and small & way soft. god i am a way crazy cat lady. i am the first to admit that.


ashley said...

Im digging the submarine song so far. thanks for posting!

michelle said...

im confused.. you moved to california and are getting jobs there but then going back to utah and getting a job there and going to school there? so confused. so confused.

gabriela.bhaskar said...

When I get a little money next week, Im ordering some of your earrings. I lost my favorite feather last night and need a beautiful replacement.

Hope life's turns are filled with sunshine.

kelsey lucia said...

love the songs :)