Saturday, March 19, 2011

true words

if children live with criticism, they learn to condemn
if children live with hostility they learn to fight
if children live with ridicule, they learn to be shy
if children live with shame, they learn to be guilty
if children live with tolerance, the learn to be patient
if children live with encouragement, they learn to be confident
if children live with praise, they can learn to appreciate
if children live with fairness, they learn justice
if children live with security, they learn to have faith
if children live with approval, they learn to like themselves
if children live with acceptance & friendship
they learn to find love in the world

really into natural occurrences lately.. for the obvious reasons. its just wonderful to know that the earth is alive and letting us know it. however, its not so wonderful when people are being devastated and harmed.. its terrible. i wish there was more i could do than just donating $10 . i wish i had a home big enough to let a family live with me. or i wish i could fly over there and help the kids who are lost and scared. i just feel so helpless for all of those helpless people. i'm sad thinking about it. can't talk to long about what's going on. it makes me really antsy because i can't do anything, like i said.

aside from the sadness involved with natural movements & shifts.. its all pretty amazing and it makes me want to re-take my geology class. it was one of my favorites. i also want to take french class so i can learn french like a real french girl. i feel like such a faker! haha.

storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados... beautiful. i guess from a safe distance of course... but even still. i feel like going back to kansas to try to witness a tornado. how absolutely thrilling and exhilarating would that be ! wow. i've also always wanted to hike on a volcano . kinda dangerous. but how special would that be. everything is so cool in this world. i am itching to get goin to see it all. wish it was possible...

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