Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4/30 & completed costume shoes..

here is my 4th photo .. this is my sister miranda. i am liking the black & white theme.

& this is my cat.. my best friend.. anouk. i love her so much she is so cute & soft.

and here are my completed costume shoes.. i think. i don't know, i feel like something is missing. if you have any ideas.. let me know.. hm. i painted them gold and hotglued fringe on them.. thats it haha. pretty easy. the paint looks way good im surprised. its smooth and doesnt come off. its not half bad.. i doubt i'll ever wear these again.. hahaha . my leg has imprints on it from my pants .. ive been on the floor half the evening makin these . that fringe gets caught in my shoe and i wish it would stay straight and pretty. haha oh well it'll be fun to wear them for sure.


michelle said...

I still need shoes for my halloween costume! I wish you could make me some.

Valencia Lia said...

Your sister and cat is so beautifully taken:) Girl,your photos are getting better and better ! heeee

I really love the fringe you added to your shoess,they look so gorgeous! Maybe added round studs to the back of the heel.
And I guess it would be just awesome you could sell them ! ahahaha

And I wanna see more leaves. Those colors are really too gorgeous! Mail me some will you ? LOL by the time they get here,it will be all crushed !
Thanks for the recommendation on those books. I'll go find it here.

And I'm goingto stay home for halloween but still dressing up at home. I thought of vampire at 1st. But maybe a greek goddess now. heeeee

la flore et la faune . com said...

I love the flare on the cat.

Barbro Andersen said...

Your shoes are fab, I love the fringes! And I just have to tell you that your blog is added to my "favorite"-list on bloglovin - your photography is wonderful :)

Right now it's 5 p.m, and it's already pitch black outside! Doesn't exactly help with the tiredness :p

Haha, I guess we have to do that! Always look on the bright side of dark :D

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

LOVE the pic of your cat! I like the DIY shoes, can't wait to see the costume! I was not cold in mine, it was a perfect temperature where we were at. I was worried to be hot and sweaty with 5K people there ;)

miranda said...

your leg looks really good

jenna said...

Those shoes are perfffffect for your costume. I am excited :]