Tuesday, October 13, 2009

storm has arrived

its windy outside and really rainy. i kinda like it but my feet got wet. my boots aren't good for the rain anymore. this is a dilemma. it means i really actually for real need new shoes/boots. oh dear. i'm going to go make some tea and write my essay. oh boy.


Ginger said...

Ummm, a bunny ear?

Sophia said...

yay for tea.
what's the essay for?
i have about a bajilion to write for college applications :/

Cantaloupeisland said...

It looks like yoda's ear. Rain storms can be a good thing, if you like to be quiet inside doing something for a rainy day. ;-)

chanelle said...

thank you, love. i think we'd be good tricksters together, you and i. and don't worry about that someone else. either that someone will get his head on straight, or there just may be someone else out there. patience will bring him.

Victoria-H said...

Yea Calpoly seemed like a really nice university!

Ahh I see, yea I havent decided if I wanna go sat or sun yet. I think it'll be sat, but then again there r so many good bands on sunday too !! so hard haha..

Yea it was totally a storm outside today. It was pooooring down and the wind was superstrong ! annyoing.. hehe

Valencia Lia said...

Those bunny ears are adorable !! Is that a part for your Halloween costume ??

Ohhh,I hope your boots are okay ! Hmmmm,maybe get a pair of Doc Martens ?!! I have mine in classic black and I love them:)

They're really good on rainy days. Waterproof and keeps my little feet dry. hahaha