Thursday, October 8, 2009

tagged & two new photos

I received the honest scrap from Lions, Tigers & Fashion OH MY!
. Here is how it works, list 10 facts about yourself and then pass it on to fellow bloggers as you choose.

1) i don't like citrus
2) my animal totems are bees, moths & vultures. i'm always on the look out for my newest addition.
3) i have a couple of best friends, but only one of them knows exactly what i like (decor, clothes, people, seriously anything).. & that is tayler.
4) one of my goals in life is to ride in a hot air balloon. i day dream about this often
5) the only socks i really ever wear are halloween socks, year round. i just like them..
6) i was born in france, my dad & half of my family are french, i have duel citizenship, i have been to france so many times.. yet i do not speak fluent french!
7) i can't wear red, it looks terrible against my skin tone.
8) i'm only 5'2 and weigh 98lbs. i don't think i look that short or skinny at all! i feel the same size as everyone else.
9) i love my 98 subaru outback , but shh don't tell it.. i secretly want the new outback in brown.
10) i highly enjoy doing math but don't ask me any equations.. because i freeze up & doubt myself.

I would like to pass this on to:

Ginger - FOUR HANDSOME FELLAS with blue eyes.. & ME with green..
Valencia - rollupyoursleeve
Nell , my soul sister - an owls soul
Ruta - Look Ugly in a Photograph
Miranda, my actual sister - define: thoughts
Jade - my name is jade

here are two photos my sister took of me today with my camera , i like the second one even tho it is blurry. but if you pay attention my jaw/cheek and some of my hair is in focus. haha. & i am wearing my new flannel that fits me like a dream. i will have to get an actual photo of it later. & yesss my eyes really are green, i don't hardly ever edit my pictures i am too lazy for that. toooo lazy for everything these days in fact.


Victoria-H said...

Yey for the Treasure Island Festival? I'm gooooing :D
Absolutly stunning pictures of you !

yiqin; said...

I so want to ride in a hot air balloon <3

chanelle said...

exaccctly! it's crazy... i can't go into a book store and not buy anything... and i totally agree they're priority over clothes and other stuff too for me!

and i can't wait till you come in spring. i reeeally hope you do come so we can finally do all kinds of fun stuff. and i'm SO happy you got your nikon! crazy how that happened as a birthday present. love it.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I absolutely love these photos of you! You are soooo beautiful. What kind of camera do you have? I really need a new one!

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh I've missed quite a few posts ! So so sorry :(

Congrats on the award girl ! And thanks so much for passing it to me toooo<3 You're so so sweet !

Will be doing it up really soon <3

I didn't know you were french,that's really so so cool!And you love maths ?!
Urghhhh,not for me though :(

You look so gorgeous in these 2 photos ! Always so stunning <3