Saturday, October 3, 2009

YES!! nikon d300s & a drawing !

so, tomorrow is my birthday and you all know i had some trouble getting my nikon d300s the past couple of days.. well.. read on ---
today after working at a wedding all day we arrive back at my boss Lisa's house and SURPRISE! her two wonderful sweet daughters surprise me in the living room and her awesome go-to-all-lengths hilarious husband comes down the hall with a cake lit with candles on it! so cute i wasn't expecting it at all and i was so happy i couldn't stop smiling. to make my smile even bigger .. out comes a pleasantly wrapped box with wrapping paper colored & made by Jaz & Ember .. and inside is a NIKON D300S!!!!!!!! HOLY GEEZE. yeah my smile is permanent. i can't wipe it from my face. i am just so happy and thankful i have such great amazing thoughtful people in my life. its not even my 21st birthday and i'm already so happy. PLUS my friend jedd drew a photo of me .. and his art is BRILLIANT. my gosh. here is jedds flikr page: click here and here is jedds book which i just recently purchased because its too good to not own: book here - so happy with this photo!

you can view the original of this photo by clicking -> here

i am just so happy. i will obviously have photos posted with my new camera from tomorrow until forever. my battery just needs to charge! YES! you guys! this is so rad i am offically a photographer now. p.s. here is my boss Lisa Richmonds website : lisaRICHMOND

: D


Cantaloupeisland said...

haha, aw Cassie, you very sweet. :-D
Thanks for the props! But I couldn't have done it without a stellar model to work from. ;-)

I didn't know it was you 21st tomorrow. That's super exciting! Happiest of Birthdays to you if I miss out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

wow Cassie you are so lucky, im so happy to hear that your birthday is already so amazing!
i love his art btw, and the stuff he draws of you is amazing!
Happy 21 lady, hope you have a blast!!

cult classic said...

yooo so fucking dope. its fuckign snowing im drun off taquila commmenting on your blog. how lame am i and im eating a bowl of ice ream arguing withkevin on the phone on whether he is a ho hopper or not anyways d300= dope yur 21 bithday= happy fuckin birthday

Valencia Lia said...


Awwww,the surprise is so so sweet of them ! And its so nice and way way cool your camera is included in the surprise tooooo. So so happy for you and can't wait to see your upcoming photos !

The piece of art your friend drew is just stunning! He is so so talented.

Happy birthday once again. Wishing you more happiness and love and health toooo.
Ohhhhh I wanna sent you a present,no kidding ! heeee

Psssst,replying to your previous comment.
You have to help me ask the man to make me a ring too. I'll transfer you money to your acc and could you ask him to make me one toooo ??
Or I could have the one you're not wearing anymore. heeeee


Melly Mel said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a great story! You are a photographer! I am so happy for you! Happy Birthday! xoxo

jade said...

hey thats really happy im jealous