Friday, October 23, 2009

one photo a day

i am going to take one photo a day for 30 days.. just to see if i can handle it. then i'll maybe up that number to a couple months. my friend jedd is doing a 365 days of photos/. pretty intense and dedicated if you ask me! good luck jedd.. i feel like my pictures will get boring but i'll try to keep them interesting. all will be shot with my 50mm 1.4 , i'll stay consistent. if i miss a day of blogging i'll post the previous days photo.. i promise i wont cheat. i start this personal test tomorrow.
but for now, here is a photo i took today and a video .. the video is grainy and weird looking because i had to resize it and stuff. it looked way better before hand.. i need some sort of software to correctly edit videos. sam said he'd help me. whew. i hope i can get the hang of the video part with out it lookin so crummy. lemme know whatcha think anyway


Cantaloupeisland said...

Thanks Cassie! It took a lot of talking into to do it, but I figure it can only help me commit to something. :-D

I have every confidence that you will pull it off stellarly.

I quite like the video and subject matter. Bees are great, from a distance. ha

Jake said...

i did this for 6 months, it was kinda hard..hah