Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i love watching french movies. right now i am watching heartbreakers. (L'arna Coeur)
i am kind of mad at my parents for not teaching me french when i was little. grr mom & dad.. i need to get into french class/. big time. i'm embarrassing. a french girl who doesn't know fluent french. ouch.
next topic.

its freezing outside.
and my new current food obsession is Milk Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts . except this box will simply not do. because there are simply not enough,. i think i'd need a bag of them. oh i think i just might have given my boyfriend an idea for valentines..... i cant wait that long tho. maybe. ah. i gotta stop talkin about it.

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Jenna said...

CASSIE! Hahah I have been on a french movie obsession lately. I have always loved Amelie but I watched that and then I watched this one called Paris, LOVED IT. Watch it, it's on netflix if you have that. And on my list next is Heartbreakers (thank you netflix).
That is all.