Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My baby's first time outside

So today is really windy and Roux has been watching the leaves fly around ... so i decided to take her outside for her first time. She really likes it. i just wish i could leave her outside alone so she wouldn't cry at me all the time. but we don't have a full gated yard. so she keeps meowing at me wanting to go back outside. its funny. shes so cute. i took pictures of her first time out :

and then this morning i was looking out the window at the road and i saw a beach ball being blown down the road so i ran out and chased after it and brought it in. now i have a perfect little beach ball. my mom said : "i guess you could interpret that to mean that good things are coming your way as long as you reach out and grab 'em!" my mom is so smart.

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Mikie said...

I found a downed kite once without an owner, so I took it to the center of a field (it was really windy/sunny) pulled a trash can out, tied it's string to the can and let it fly. I was able to walk away and it just stayed up there circling. Didn't know what it meaned at the time, but surely your mom would have something to say about it.