Monday, February 28, 2011

baby trashes bar in las palmas

seriously one of the funniest things ever and i can't stop watching it because it cracks me up so much. everything is so perfect. hahaha! i love when shes shoving the food in her mouth. this baby does it perfect its great

and yesterday we celebrated mitch's 30th birthday. it was fun. here is the cake that was made for him: his brother adam, did the darth vadar & chewbacca part... hahaha. & payton put the numbers on... makes mitch look younger. ha!

i was supposed to drive home to california today but last night i was really really sick and i barely got any sleep, so i'm leaving wednesday instead. i couldn't imagine driving 10 hours while being super tired and sick. yuck. so i'm just resting and doing last minute errands in the mean time.. so fun..

see ya

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michelle said...

I want chocolate cake.