Friday, February 4, 2011

need need need

okay so i have a lot of "obsessions" lately ...
++nail polish .. i buy one new color at least once a week. ++french movies .. i am on a mission to watch as many great ones as possible. they are too much fun. ++chocolate covered fruit .. yeah so i havent had any since i got back from california, because i haven't had the time or money to do so. and i am goin nutzZzz! ++pinkish/red lips ... i have this yummy all natural chapstick that is a lip stain and it makes me look real pretty and it smells like heaven. ++

this is my lover , Mr/Mitch Meyer.
he is the first artist featured on [Framed]
i am so so proud of him! isn't he handsome & dashing?

yesterday i made these for dinner :
petite lasagnas ! mm so good. if you want the recipe just comment my blog with your email and i'll email it.


Chels+Jord said...

I am obsessed with nail polish too! And PLEASE send me the recipe for those little things, You and Mitch are so perfect for each other. I love it.

ashley said...

Cass, those lasagnas look bomb!

eric and i watched your man- very impressive! top 200 in the world or something around there? insane!

cult classic said...

that was a really cool ideo about mitch wish i would have gotten to see you these past couple times you'e come to california. i miss you taking pictures of yourself everyday ha your blog used to be a play by play of your daily adventures. bring it back. im demanding.

Anonymous said... they look delicious!

Mac Daddy said...

THE VIDEO IS GREAT!!!! I love, love, love seeing an artist at work. I have this weird thing for artistic processes and how masterpieces come together. Mitch is an amazing photographer!