Thursday, February 24, 2011

pies & packing

i hate packing.

i love cooking.
so i decided to mix the two today
so that i wouldn't be so annoyed at whats going on.
i think thats fair right?
so i made mini-pies for mitch's early birthday present
& bacon tomato avocado & pasta for his dinner.

here are the mini-pies i made
- apple, blueberry, cherry -
i even put an egg glaze on the top so they are shiny & perfect.

but i'm still really irritated about packing.
there is so much stuff i have to pack.
and i feel sickness coming on. in my throat.
my throat doesn't hurt but it feels different when i swallow
& its had this strange taste in my mouth that wont leave all morning & day.
i feel fuzzy too. i need a hot bath again.
i also don't like my built-in retainer.
i want it removed. decided.
i'm kind of sick of red wine. i think i will switch to white wine for a while.

here is the song i am obsessed with right now : this girl is wonderful and amazing
she rocks my world!


Molly said...

start taking zinc!!
& why are you packing again??? I hate that too!

Ginger said...

I like your pies, good thinkin'. Good luck on your drive that's far for one girl to go. Be safe!