Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i wish

i wish that

- i could fall asleep on a bed of moss
- people would listen to me
- things were a whole lot easier
- nevada didn't even exist
- i had a special chocolate shop near by
- i had a little bit more money for a little bit more clothes
- i owned my own mac book pro 13 inch
- my hair was longer & that my roots didn't show
- i had my tan back
- roux would stop meowing at me
- my car was a little bit bigger
- i could find a really awesome paying job
- i had an iphone (with out the bill)
- people would buy my earrings from etsy
- the weather was warm & sunny
- i could just disappear
- i could drink this whole bottle of wine with out making a face
- i had my own room
- i was born a unicorn
- god damn it

- that i wasn't falling down the rabbit hole


Melissa said...

I wish a lot of those things too.

michelle said...

I agree with so many of these things,

If my apartment wasnt a studio I would tell you to come move in with me in portland...

maybe you should make that your next adventure. id show you the ropes.

quit worrying, it gives you wrinkles.

kelsey lucia said...

i'll listen to you :). anytime, your advice is wonderful. and it's tough being unicorn, i wouldn't recommend it. ;).

kelsey lucia said...

p.s. im buying earrings when i have more moneyysss. promise haha.

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