Friday, February 11, 2011

Roux & Etsy

So today i've makin earrings and posted them on my Etsy - check 'em out!

i also cleaned up my rings and posted them up there too. i never wear those 4, i have my 3 that i always wear and never take off... so its pointless keepin these pretties! the way i cleaned them was so awesome... i boiled hot water, put tin foil in a glass boil, put the rings in there, poured the hot water over them and then sprinkled baking soda on them and voila... seriously amazing shiny clean and perfect. its awesome. i feel like cleaning everything sterling silver right now..

and today i decided to take a couple of picture of my kitty Roux.. shes so funny. kinda camera shy. she's only 5 months old. its funny to think about.

this is a typical Roux face.. brat.
curious little kitty
she likes lookin out the windows.


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